Meaning of Violence

Meaning of Violence


An ex-con does one last job that goes wrong and loses everything only to regain the most important thing, his humanity.

Ian Winter, a jobless ex-con, has left the life of crime with a promise that he will get his life in order but his first job turns into a bloodbath. A group of cut-throat African gangsters murder his girlfriend after a deal gone wrong. Now Ian’s out for blood but then gains an insight into the meaning of violence and he realizes that the only one he is hurting is himself.


  • Director: Gregory Rhoades
  • Writer: Gerald Rhoades
  • Executive Producers:  Gregory Rhoades | Jared Safier


  • Sadie Katz
  • Mark Dippolito
  • Suziey Block
  • Mark Daniel Cade
  • John-Campbell Mac
  • Rydell Danzie