Senior Entourage

Senior Entourage

90 min.Comedy

SENIOR ENTOURAGE is a wild, wacky mockumentary about the actual cast and crew making the move. Featuring a zany, multi racial cast ranging in
age from 8 to 88, it has the freewheeling improvisational feel of a CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM FOR THE ELDERLY or SEINFELD FOR SENIORS. It’s a comedy about nothing in particular.


    • Director: Brian Connors
    • Producers: David A. Lockhart | Dahlia Waingort
  • Executive Producers: Jared Safier | Henry Penzi | Lynn Tang | Neal Wilde
  • Editor: Scott Conrad (Oscar Winning Editor)


  • Ed Asner (5 Time Golden Globe & 7 Time Emmy Winner)
  • Helen Reddy (Grammy Winner & Golden Globe Nominee)
  • Marion Ross (Golden Globe & 5 Time Emmy Nominee)
  • Mark Rydell (Oscar Nominated Director)
  • Jamie Lee Curtis (2 Time Golden Globe Winner & 7 Time Golden Globe Nominee)
  • Charles Robinson