Ladies Like Us

Ladies Like Us: The Rise of Neighborhood Watch (SlapTV)

TV Series – Comedy

Ladies Like Us Dos

Live at home with her parents, Hayden, can’t seem to get a real job when her mission is to change the world through banding a group of ladies together forming Neighborhood Watch.

  •  Director: Jonny Cruz
  • Writers: Kristina Cohen Kruz | Danny Scharar
  • Executive Producers: Kristina Cohen Kruz | Roberto Raad
  • Producer: Jared Safier


  • Kristina Cohen Kruz
  • Stefanie Drummond
  • Toni Del Sorbo
  • Kelly Marie Tran


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Season 2, Episode 4:

Hayden finds a glitch in the Matrix when her neighborhood watch yard sale turns deadly.


Season 2, Episode 3:

Things get real when Hayden applies for a job in corporate America in order to fund her neighborhood watch.


Season 2, Episode 2:

The N.W.A is here! With the success of their last act of vigilantism, Hayden and friends decide to take the Neighborhood Watch to the next level.


Season 2, Episode 1:

Hayden and her friends decide to band together and stand up against a neighborhood pervert.

Season 1, Episode 5:

Season 1, Episode 4:

Season 1, Episode 3:

Season 1, Episode 2:

Season 1, Episode 1: