Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value

99 min.Comedy | Romance

There Goes The Neighborhood.

Kendall, a real estate agent from Miami, moves to the suburbs of New York to work at the prestigious Atlantic Shores Realtors and immediately butts heads with Brooke, a rival real estate agent. Tensions soon mount when Kendall and Brooke are forced to work together to try and sell one of the most expensive mansions on Long Island, all while navigating their complex and messy relationships.


  • Director: Ken Kushner
  • Writers: Kevin Arbouet (screenplay by) | Judy San Roman (story by)
  • Producers: Ken Kushner | Dominick Martini | Judy San Roman | Rob Simmons
  • Executive Producers: Judy San Roman | Jared Safier


  • Luisana Lopilato
  • Debra Jo Rupp
  • Wendy Makkena
  • Craig Bierko
  • Julia Duffy
  • Royce Johnson
  • Rob Morgan
  • Natalie Gold
  • Jerry Adler
  • Tina Benko
  • Bridget White
  • David Fierro
  • Olga Merediz
  • Judy San Roman
  • Gene Gabriel
  • Lukas Hassel
  • Sal Rendino