In Development

A Little Rees Specht Cultivates Kindness:  A Little Rees Specht Cultivates Kindness follows the adventures of a young farmer named Little Rees Specht who discovers that kindness, like a seed, will only grow and spread if one takes the time to cultivate it. Little Rees Specht is a thoughtful and generous young boy who takes the time to help out a friend in need. Unbeknownst to Little Rees Specht, his kind act plants a “seed of kindness”, that keeps growing as more and more kind acts are performed by other children.

Heartbroke:  A Latino man and Jewish princess get engaged only to get disowned by both parents.  Their friends team up despite differences in order to throw them the ultimate backyard wedding.

Kinda Sorta Famous:  A tale of two actresses as they struggle to make it or break it in Hollywood.  Janie and Heather attempt to overcome the odds of making it big in Tinsel Town as their sanity and friendship is put to the test competing for roles, booking ridiculous gigs, and trying to survive the LA dating scene.

Nor the Moon by Night:  An ordinary woman is trapped in an extraordinary situation. Against native superstition, a cyclone, crocodiles and the advancing Japanese army, she must survive against all odds.

The Westcoast Kid:  Set in the 1980s, this is the incredible true-life story of Travis Waters, a high school star athlete who played against future N.F.L. star, Deion Sanders, before becoming a drug smuggler for Pablo Escobar. After being captured by federal agents, he landed in a brutal, maximum security prison where he struggled to survive against hardened criminals serving life-sentences. Today, Travis is a family man and motivational speaker. This film is based on his inspiring memoir — The Westcoast Kid: My Redemption.

Who’s Your Daddy?:  Hollywood is a weird place to live. One man’s journey realizing what really happens in the land of entertainment. Where dreams become nightmares.