90 min | Action



Posing as hunters, a group of terrorists are in search of $100 million that was stolen and lost in a plane crash en route from Afghanistan. What they haven’t reckoned on is the intervention of a lone hunting guide in the area, a decorated former Navy SEAL.

Set in Montana, the heroic loner takes on the group of terrorists and the elements in this high alpine hunting story. When hunting guide Jackson Hardison and his client Kate Aburman find the grisly aftermath of the single-engine plane crash while elk hunting in the Bear Tooth mountains, all is not as it seems. Though he knows better, Jackson cannot resist taking the case filled with the $100 million that he finds at the crash site, and soon, he wishes he hadn’t.

The hunter becomes the hunted when the terrorists move in and the true owner of the money sends an intense and shadowy paramilitary operative named Maximus to pick up their trail. While on the run through the ever-threatening wilderness, Kate hides a dark secret of her own as Jackson fights to protect them and escape the mountains with the money and their lives.


  • Rib Hillis
  • Rachel Cook
  • Bobby Maximus
  • Xian Mikol
  • Mara Ohara