Room 9: They Turned Us Into Killers

90 min | Horror, Drama, Thriller

Room 9


In the first movie, “Long ago, Room 9 of the Johnson/Bedford Inn, located in a remote small town, was the site of a gruesome double murder. Decades later, with the town terrorized once again by a string of bloody ritual killings, a mysterious woman named Star arrives to investigate and suffers bizarre flashbacks related to the inn’s slayings. Is she connected to the killings…or the inn’s next victim?”

Here is first look at the teaser trailer for the sequel, Room 9 – Part 2 “They Turned Us Into Killers”.


  • Scout Taylor-Compton
  • Kane Hodder
  • Michael Berryman
  • Brian Anthony Wilson
  • Bryce Draper
  • Brandon Irons
  • Lauren Francesca
  • Maritza Brikisak
  • Xander Goldman
  • Tony Devon
  • David Raine