90 min | Western



Porterville is the story of Jake, an NYPD police officer that looses his family to a drug cartel and goes rogue, brutally killing the men that destroyed his family. He relocates to the small town of Porterville, CA and takes a job as the local sheriff. Jake falls in love with Maria, a local bar-tender and forms a friendship with a local priest: Father Michael.

Just when thing are looking up for Jake, a strange visitor comes to town: “Charlie” an ex-con, with a history of mental problems begins to terrorize the people of Porterville. Things reach a fever-pitch when a young girl is found dead and Sherriff Jake has to decide if he’s going to up-hold the law, or enact his own brand of justice in this gritty, western crime-drama.


  • Taryn Manning
  • Christopher Anthony Young
  • Tammie Sellers
  • Shane Woodson
  • Christopher Sky
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Caitlin O’Connor
  • David Josh Lawrence
  • Thomas Walton
  • Cody Renee Cameron
  • Paris Dylan