Ed Asner Unscripted

60 min | Comedy, Documentary

Tubi: https://tubitv.com/movies/100020242/ed-asner-unscripted

Ed Asner Unscripted


ED ASNER UNSCRIPTED is an improvised and unscripted documentary comedy conceived by Brian Connors and prompted by suggested scenarios and discussions about death.

ED ASNER was filmed on a trip to Sonoma. DAN LAURIA was asked to play “The Pope” but eventually revealed to be himself and the star of THE WONDER YEARS.

ERNEST HARDEN Jr. was filmed at an Indian couple’s fabulous house in the Hollywood Hills while he pours his heart out over the recent death of his best friend CHARLIE ROBINSON.

MIKI KANEKO, a Japanese actress was filmed on piano at a Music Conservatory while playing classical music and pouring her heart out over the recent death of her grandfather.

ED ASNER UNSCRIPTED looks at death with humor and pathos while Ed reminisces about some of his favorite stars and indie projects which are lesser known but no less dear to his artistic soul.


  • Ed Asner
  • Brian Connors
  • Dan Lauria
  • Ernest Harden Jr.
  • Maki Kaneko