They Turned Us Into Killers

90 min | Horror, Drama, Thriller

They Turned Us Into Killers


A girl named Karma is drugged and assaulted by her boyfriend, BJ, which leads to her tragically committing suicide. Prior to this devastating event, she writes a letter to her best friend, Star, detailing the horrific events that unfolded that fateful night. Determined to seek revenge against those responsible, Star hunts down BJ and his brothers, and begins to torture them, while reading to them Karma’s suicide letter, before taking each of their lives.


  • Scout Taylor-Compton
  • Taryn Manning
  • Kane Hodder
  • Michael Berryman
  • Brian Anthony Wilson
  • Bryce Draper
  • Brandon Irons
  • Lauren Francesca
  • Maritza Brikisak
  • Xander Goldman
  • Tony Devon
  • David Raine